Friday, January 20, 2012

Yay, Yay, Yay, it's Today!

My husband and I gave the gift of a three day snowy cabin retreat to our entire family as a Christmas gift. The trip had been pre-scheduled with our adult children to take place three VERY LONG (for our grandchildren) weeks after Christmas.

This gift created a whole lotta' excited anticipation among the cousins. We all worked together during the weeks between Christmas and the actual trip to pull together snow bibs, gloves, boots, jackets, scarves, and snow boots for our entire clan from our outgrown cold weather clothing bins. My oldest grandson was able to wear a snow bib that my own son had worn 20 years ago! Does that make it a vintage snow bib?

My five year old grandson just about drove his parents crazy with the "How many more days?" On the day before the trip he woke up saying "Yay, Yay, only one more day!" The morning of the trip he had crawled into bed with his mommy and daddy sometime during the night. My daughter said when he first opened his eyes upon waking he said; "Yay, Yay, Yay, it's today!"

My husband and I worried as the days ticked closer to the long anticipated trip. Why? Because it had been a very warm and dry three weeks since Christmas in Arizona. The town of Greer (where we were headed) has a webcam that my husband and I had been watching and we knew that the snow cover was melting away each day.

As the trip neared my worries turned to prayers pleading for some pretty detailed blessings. My heartfelt prayers for snow and for my grandchildren to realize their long awaited anticipation of snow play were answered.

The night before our trip the forecast changed from expected rain that would have washed away all of the snow to a 90% chance of snow for the area we were headed to. My husband and I were giving each other high fives and I offered prayers of gratitude for this much appreciated blessing.

We all met the morning of the trip to caravan up together. To help make the trip all that Papa and I had envisioned for our family here are a few of the things we did:

We had given each family a snowman kit for Christmas.

I had created a laminated Greer or Bust sign
for each of the cars. (Creating family unity) 

Each car had a two way radio so that we could communicate,
 play games, and just be silly between our four cars.
(Creating family fun)

I did a roll call using the radios so that everyone
from two to seventy-seven had a chance
to talk in the radios.
(A sense of belonging)

We had a predetermined place that we
we invited all to stop at for lunch. It was completely
optional but we had 100% attendance!
(Family support)

After lunch, we were on the last leg of our drive.

We were not on the road long when we
realized that the lack of snow was not going to be a problem.

The scenery was an absolute treat for us desert dwellers!
The freshly fallen snow had blanketed the pines and the aspen trees.
(Shared gratitude)

We all got to experience some light snowfall on our drive too.

Our two cabins were ready for our earlier than expected arrival.
Two cabins, warm fireplaces, beds for 28, 6 bathrooms, and big lofts for play
were all just perfect for our stay.

Everyone immediately changed into their snow gear and headed outdoors.

(A family that plays together stays together!)

I had prepared projects for any down time for the kids.

A snowflake door hanger project.
(Quality time with grandma)

A snowman scene using a gift tag snowman, stickers,
crayons, and a Chinet plate.
(Shared creativity)

I didn't get a picture of the edible snowmen we made but they were very close to this
one (thank you Pinterest) except we put ours on a stick and we made a beanie cap
using a fruit roll-up and a half of a marshmallow.
(Creating memories among the cousins)

Snowman donuts and hot chocolate were a big
hit following our day in the snow.
(They are way cuter with mouths too but my
hungry and chilled crowd showed up ready for a donut and a 
cup of warm hot chocolate before I got the mouths on!)

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Stay tuned for more of our fun in the snow!

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