Saturday, April 21, 2012

Daughters in my Kingdom

Stake Relief Society
Women's Conference


in my Kingdom

We had our conference on a Saturday morning.
10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Sunday dress in the chapel.

The conference included
five speakers and three special musical numbers.

Topics included:
 Prayer, visiting teaching, enduring hardships, 
being a daughter of a King, and a member
of our Stake Presidency spoke to
perfectly conclude our meeting.

All of the messages were just perfect
to be followed by the luncheon we
had planned for our royal guests!


Pop up Canopy converted into a castle.

Foam core board (Gold) cut to create the top of the castle.
Taped together on back side (white duct tape) to create the corners.
Lace panels gathered on 18" 1x2 boards to create the draping.
(hooked to the inside frame using pipe cleaners)

Draped and tied at the corners with gold rope.

Bottom trim at base of Foam core was cut
from a band of heavy cardboard and topped with poster board.
Fold to make corner.
Securely attach "chip clips" (Target $1 area @ 4 /$1) to the back.
Securely means hot glue and duct tape!
The clips  (4 per panel) secure the foam core and the poster
board trim to the canopy. I promise!

The two sided Daughter in my Kingdom flags
(that matched the flags on the castle)
were on 4 foot gold 3/8" dowels were the centerpieces on
15 of the tables.

The flags were cut from poster board, layered card stock,
and gold glitter card stock.

The Flags were tacked to poles at the 
top and the bottom with gold tacks.

We added some gold curly ribbon bling!
Wrap ribbon around gold tack that is partially 
pushed in on the top of the pole to hold in place.

The other tables had two sided tents with
chipboard castles and crowns, gold glitter card stock, and the 
(Hobby Lobby for the castles and crowns)
conference theme on them.
This picture makes it look crooked... it really wasn't!

Dessert table with cupcakes
adorned in piped icing, gold toppers and 
Daughters in my Kingdom
cupcake picks.
(Toppers: Gold wrapped Hershey bars, Rolo's, Werthers)

Table decor in gold, lace, crystal, and lights.

Stemware turned upside down makes a perfect
cupcake stand and they add a lot of sparkle.

Stemware upside down on framed gold
mirrors is especially pretty.
You get twice the sparkle!

The luncheon was pre-prepared
box lunches.
Such a great idea!

So cute, yummy, quick to serve, and
easy clean up.

Labels were glued to the top, lined in a yellow
napkin, luncheon goodies were tucked inside with
a blue napkin.

Chicken salad on a croissant, a bag of raw veggies,
a cup of ranch dip, mixed nuts, and a cheese stick.


Water and lemon-aid to drink.

Our guests then went and visited the castle
to get their dessert.

The women really appreciated the decor and
the nice lunch. Everyone was eating in no time
at all!

You may contact me if you are interested in
using my pdf files for the 
Daughters in my Kingdom artwork.

I have them in two different sizes to create a two sided banner
or they could be cut out to be used individually.
I also have a full page pdf of Daughters in my Kingdom
cupcake toppers,


  1. Beautiful! Now I know where I got my drive for hard work.

  2. Thanks! This event was a team effort. Lucky for me I had my hubby to help me build the flag stands and with setting up the castle. Andrea, you are right there was hours and hours invested in making the guest table center pieces and the actual set up and take down of the pop up and dessert table took 4 hours for the 45 minute luncheon! I enjoyed every minute of it and the women were as thrilled with my pop up castle as the Y.W. were at camp and the activity day girls that I did it for one time.

  3. Hi Grandma Shelly
    How can I get the pdf for the daughters in my kingdom? Iam very interested in this conference project
    thank you very much