Friday, June 22, 2012

Poof The Magic Fort

Three of my grandsons came over to stay with me for a couple of hours.
They came prepared with a well thought out plan.

Within a few short minutes they had pulled out all of the supplies
that they had toted down to my house and my living room
was FILLED with their newest invention!

I had seen an idea like this just the day before on a blog but
the mom had created it out of a clear plastic drop cloths.

It looked fun but it wasn't for this safety minded grandma!

This is his moms old king size duvet cover.

Snap it up on the one end leaving space for the
fan. "POOF!" You have a huge breezy fort to play in.

But that's not all.

A twin size duvet cover was connected to the king duvet
at one corner. "POOF"! They had another connecting room
added to the fort. All with just one fan!

One thing is for sure. The clean up was way easier
than the piles of sheets and quilts that have to be folded
after the other kind of indoor fort building.

I usually post on things that are grandma tested and kid approved.

This time it was kid tested and grandma approved.

Great summer time fun!


  1. Great idea! And I certainly agree with you about the use of plastic sheeting....yikes! Also, I loved your idea of the cushion-covered bucket stools from Grandma Camp. I love how the kids become part of their construction. Good lesson in creative thinking skills. I will use both these ideas eventually. Thank you!

  2. What fun! Two of my grandgirls had a lot of fun on Wednesday with the Cranium forts, which contain big foam tubes and devices to join them. They would have liked this idea, too, but if my grandsons were around, they would have tried to jump on it like a trampoline.