Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You Gotta Love It!

My birthday fell on one of the days that my husband and I took three of 
our grandsons to our mountain cabin for a week while their mom 
was away as stake camp director for the week.

On my birthday the boys woke very early, pulled secret stuff from
 their belongings, and whispered quietly between themselves.

They borrowed some yarn, tape, and scissors from my craft supplies
and they all worked together to create a special birthday surprise for me.

Papa was instructed to keep me indoors.

Once they were ready I was invited to go out
to the deck. They were all very excited!

They had hung a birthday banner that they had made themselves,
set out board games to play, and they had hung a sheet to create 
more shade for the "birthday grandma" chair.
So thoughtful.

Don't be fooled. He is a very strategic checker player.
Even if it was my birthday!

They were as good as gold at our Red Robin birthday lunch.

I loved the handmade gift with the sliding lid.

He had told his mom that I would really 
like his gift because it was useful. 
He was right!

The youngest told me that he had forgotten my gift at home
but I was going to love it because I would be able to go
to Dollar Tree with it!

One of his favorite stores.

I wonder what it could be?

Once home, I was given the belated birthday gift.
It was a handmade card with a picture of the cabin drawn
on it with money from his own piggy bank
tucked inside.

Being a grandma is the 


  1. How sweet! Obviously you are teaching your grandchildren how to make someone feel special.

  2. I love their shade for you! Kathy