Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Daddy Daughter Date

Hey Daddy... How about taking your daughters out on a date? Little girls love the idea and there is little more precious than a daddy who is adored by his girls.

My three granddaughters had a really fun time with their daddy recently. Mommy stayed home with baby brother and the three girls and their daddy went to a Phoenix Suns basketball game.

The girls had been to games before but not like this very special occasion. This time it was an official date with their daddy. Daddy had been given tickets to a VIP box and he chose to invite his girls rather than his buddies. The girls were in absolute heaven. The VIP box was catered with unlimited food, snacks, and drinks. The seating was extra comfy and their view of the game was perfect. It appears that the girls enjoyed a trip to the Team Shop too. The picture is one that daddy took on his cell phone and sent home to mommy to show how well the date was going!

What is quite amazing about Daddy Daughter Dates is that they don't have to be something big or expensive. It is more about the feelings that are created between daddy and daughter. A daddy who makes his little girls feel loved, extra special, and adored is a very good thing! A daddy who is adored by his girls is a priceless gift in so many ways.

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  1. A daddy date is a occasion that will be remembered forever. Sometimes we fall into the trap of always wanting to include every member of the family in an occasion, and that is fun. But a one-on-one afternoon with a grandchild is also great, especially when they get a little older.