Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Full Afternoon of Fun for just Two Bucks!

I had two of my grandsons who are six and two over yesterday to spend a full day of fun with Papa and I. The oldest of the two is off for spring break. I picked them up from their home at the scheduled time and they were both packed up very ready to GO!

First on my idea list was a stop to do a bit of shopping. The dollar store filled about 45 minutes of our day while we took our time checking out every nook and cranny of the Easter items, the toys, and the crafts sections of the store.

They each picked out two items which required some difficult decision making. Once the final selections had been made the six year old asked if he could pay for our purchase. I gave him the cash and he took care of the entire transaction. He said that was a first for him and he couldn't have been more proud of himself.

They each decided on brightly colored cobra snakes that could be easily wrapped around anything and a coloring book each. The snakes offered an afternoon of outdoor fun once we got home. We went on a walk after lunch. The boys took their snakes and I took my camera.

The boys looked for creative and fun places to pose the snakes or pose with the snakes and I snapped the pictures. They had one great idea after another.

 This unplanned and unexpected activity was so much fun for both the boys and myself.

Once we got back indoors the boys enjoyed a snack and drink while I showed them all of our pictures on the big computer monitor.

I was pretty amazed just how much fun we had with a two dollar purchase.

My first idea on my list for spending a fun day with my grandsons seems to have been a brilliant one!

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