Monday, March 22, 2010

Grandkid's Rock!

Grandkid's Rock is the theme for the 2010 Grandkid's Camp Out that is scheduled for the last of April. It is going to be everything Rock-n-Roll. I decided on the theme months ago when I found some really fun heavy card stock full size guitars that the kids can customize and "rock out" using markers and stickers for a camp craft. I found the guitars on clearance for 90% off and that is where my "Grandkid's Rock" inspiration began.

Since then I have been on the lookout for other great buys that would fit the Rock-n-Roll theme. I have been very successful in my search. I have never done camp t-shirts before but this year is going to change that. I had a low end price point for quality shirts since eight were needed this year. I really wanted the shirts to have a guitar on them and the words "rock-n-roll" or "rock star" if possible. I didn't find them all at once... but I did find them. I purchased the shirts on four different occasions and months apart!  I found perfect shirts in all of the sizes I needed. Some for big and little boys, and others for big and little girls.  My total cost for the shirts was under my twenty-five dollars budget. (so much fun!!!)

As I find and pick up things for the camp throughout the year they go into a rubbermaid tub labeled "Grandkid's Camp Out" for safe keeping until they are needed.

I came across guitar bubble holders in the WalMart party favor section. I splurged on those and paid full price at a whopping fifty cents each because they were just perfect for the occasion.

I plan to do tie-dyed pillowcases with the kids for a camp craft. Why pillowcases? Well, I think the kids will really like making them and using them after the camp. Another BIG reason is that a couple of years ago I found white pillow cases for just twenty five cents each. My rule is when I find the right number of anything (# of grandkids I have) at a great price I put my thinking cap on and come up with a project to use them. I had no idea they would end up tie-dyed but they are going to make a perfect "rocker" craft.

Other great finds were temporary kid tattoos that I found for 90% off. Some even say "Camp Rock"! I found some more that will work perfectly for my little rockers in the after Valentine's clearance section also at 90% off. I have tattoo's galore and all for under a dollar!

We plan to create a music video for one of our activities which will require some dress up items. I recently found some bandanas and three pairs of rock star gloves at Claires. The items were normally between four and nine dollars each. I found them on clearance for just one dollar each.

I am down to about five weeks before my little campers arrive for their "Rockin" good time with grandma and Papa. I still need to create the invites, come up with food and snack ideas, and prepare for a learning unit on the "ROCKS & minerals" of the Southwest deserts. So, stay tuned. Until then, please know that this frugal event planning grandma is busy doing something she absolutely loves doing!

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  1. This Grandma Camp theme is sounding better and better. I may have to steal it! Three of my grandchildren have a father who plays in a band, so they will really dig being rock stars.