Friday, June 18, 2010

This and That From Grandma Camp

I'm just about done posting about this years grandkids camp out. Although some of the things we do for activities are very simple.  I thought I would share them too since simple is the best way to go with a house full of little ones.

I schedule in an arrival snack so that everyone is on the same eating schedule for dinner. I also offer a bedtime snack, a mid morning snack, and a mid afternoon snack during our camp out days.

 Some of our favorite snacks are apple slices, grapes, cantaloupe chunks, bananas, watermelon, strawberries, assorted crackers, peanut butter, and string cheese. They also like to eat raw baby carrots with ranch dressing. Our afternoon snack did include some not so healthy Cheeto's and a few cookies.

I had purchased two boxes of really groovy Valentines cards for 90% off after Valentine's Day because they included tattoos for my rock star grandchildren at the camp out. The cards were not at all. They were peace signs and the words groovy, far out, and peace. I used the Valentine cards to create a themed game of memory for my far out and groovy rock stars!

This find of Valentine's cards in early March provided the fun of ample tattoos, camp out decorations, and a game for the kids. All for just forty cents! I need to come up with next years theme because rock-n-roll things are still catching my eye! Grandma camps don't have to be expensive just a bit  creative.

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  1. What a fun Grandma Camp. I love the ideas with the Valentine cards. I'm always looking for things for future activities. I have stuff stored away for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. My children call me a collector of junk but I always use it although it may take years!