Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Simple Aprons for the Three Girls Cafe

Well, the Three Girls Cafe was open for business again when my three granddaughters visited recently. Papa and I were being catered to with all kinds of goodies from the cafe's kitchen. (our coffee table)

Grandma Lizzie shared an apron idea on her blog Grandma Lizzie's House on how to make a simple apron out of a dish towel and some ribbon or string.

During their play I remembered the easy apron tip and I ran and got the girls each a dish towel and some yarn to create a waistband and WALLA they had matching cafe aprons. 

They loved the new addition to their play!

Little brother .... the pizza delivery guy!

Break time?

To make the easy aprons just fold a dish towel over at the top to make it the right length. Use a piece of ribbon, yarn, or string in the fold to create the waistband. Tie in the back to fit. Super easy and so much more fun to add a little dress up to their play.

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