Wednesday, September 1, 2010

GRRRRRRR Roared the Lion!

(I need to first apologize for the blurry pics. I was in such a hurry to catch the moment that I didn't allow the camera to focus or maybe I really was trembling in fear!)

I had four of my grands recently while their parents were away celebrating their wedding anniversary for a few days. The three oldest had left for school and I was home alone with little brother in a very quiet house. I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes when I heard a big roar behind me.

I turned to look and there was a lion in my kitchen!  "Oh know, there is a lion in my house!" I shouted. Help! Help! The lion roared a few more times to scare poor grandma. 

I then hear "Namma" and the sweet little boy inside reveals himself.

He was pretty proud of himself for being able to sneak up on his grandma! 

The pure joy of being a grandma consumed my entire being during these special moments with my little grandson.

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