Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Special Outing for the Birthday Boy

Boy oh Boy was the little boy patient while waiting for his special birthday outing. He celebrated his actual birthday in the middle of July and he had to wait until nearly September for his birthday outing with his Grandma and Papa due to all kinds of scheduling conflicts.

As you may know Papa and I are doing birthday outings as our birthday gifts for our school age grandchildren this year. This very handsome seven year old chose a trip to the Arizona Museum of Natural History in Mesa, Arizona. We had taken his older brother there for his birthday outing a couple of months ago.

Our day together started at 10:00 a.m.. He was very excited about the long anticipated one on one time with Papa and I. He announced that his restaurant of choice for lunch was Chuck E Cheese Pizza. We had a 45 minute drive to  lunch so we spent our drive time talking about school and anything else we could think of to keep the attention on the birthday boy.

I presented him with a favorite snack for after lunch and told him that it was his to take home.

He buckled his Whales up for safety!

When we arrived at Chuck E Cheese he was ready to play some video games while the pizza was baking.

He was a smart boy.... he was getting two outings in one! The pizza package we got came with 35 tokens and he didn't have two brothers along to share with.

His half was pepperoni while Papa and I enjoyed the Werx.

Time to cash in the tickets. 

It was a short drive to the museum. He knew he had made the right choice as soon as he walked through the museum doors and he saw the huge dinosaurs on display.

He loves dinosaurs and they were everywhere throughout the museum.

Panning for gold with Papa.

That's Papa "IN" the jail cell.

We all got on the floor and put the big pottery puzzle together.
We visited every single inch of the museum and because he loved riding in the elevators we went up and down a lot. It was clearly his special day!

A trip to the gift shop was quick and easy. We had told him ahead of time how much he could spend and he was able to quickly find two souvenirs that he loved. One was like his brother had previously gotten that was a few tools with dinosaurs bones hidden deep inside a chunk of plaster. The second was a snapping dinosaur.

As you can tell from the pictures this boy does not stray far from his Papa's side. I know he loves me too but when Papa is around he is his constant shadow. I love that!

A stop for ice cream was a yummy snack and the snapping dinosaur kept him busy during our 45 minute ride home.

Papa and I are loving our special birthday outings this year and it is very evident that the grands are eating up the special one on one time too.

We only have two more birthdays left to do this year. I'm thinking it just might become a new birthday tradition for us!


  1. He had the BEST time!! Thanks again for making it so special. I love that each child gets their special day, and the others understand that they get their turn also. His brothers were excited to hear about his special outing!

  2. You are both wonderful grandparents! Keep up the good work! They will never forget it.

  3. Looks like the wait was worth it. What a fun day. The photo of Papa and his grandson walking is precious.