Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Glimpse into a Creative Day

I recently took on the task to make posters for two upcoming events at church. The two events are one week apart. One is for the children and the other is for all ages. I decided to do a combo poster. This was a first of it's kind for me.

So the creativity in my head began. I thought about what I had on hand and I went to the local dollar store for some very affordable inspiration. Dollar Tree Stores have foam core poster boards for just a buck. I picked up two of those for my bases. I also picked up two black poster boards.

I found perfect graphics for both of the events. Something else I used as inspiration was the greeting card section where the cards are two for a buck. The Halloween Cards gave me a huge selection of brightly colored card stock graphics to choose from. The matching envelopes also gave me matching papers to matt with. The teachers section and the arts and crafts sections are also filled with fun resources.

The creativity while in my head seems to be very clean, organized, and prepared to move forward.

Then, the "hands on" creative process takes over my dining room table. I pulled down my Halloween tubs and pulled out papers, decorating items, and even gift bags with cute graphics to add to my creative space of resources. So, now my garage is in disorder too. Papers were pulled from my scrap booking drawer, and glues, scissors, and the yard stick were all nearby.

It can even spill over to the other pieces of furniture in the room.

The project was also strewn across my desk. 
A big yellow notepad of poster ideas I had 
scribbled down earlier in the day while waiting at the
doctors office, my receipt, the card stock for printing
the computer generated portion of the task, 
and discarded print outs that need to be put in 
the grands scrap basket so that they can be 
recycled by coloring on the other side.

Even the floor is covered in my discarded
creative scraps.

And, most often it takes over the kitchen too!

So, when hubby came home from work last night
the dining room table was clearly not available for dinner.

And, sadly neither was the kitchen.

Happily, out to dinner it was
using a lovely gift card my daughter had given us
as a thank you for helping with her kids.

The creative mess was left in place.
I was tired and I would start refreshed in the morning.

Morning brought out the glue sticks and 

Hot glue!

Before I knew it I had my first combo poster completed.

Quite busy I know.

But, I am sure they will catch peoples interest.

The best part since I am working within a church budget.

All for just $7.75

Combo Posters....a great deal!

Now it's time to clean up, put away, 
wipe down glue smudged counters, more counters, and table,
sweep the floor, and de-clutter my overflowing 
creative workspace, desktop, and garage.

And, I had better start thinking about
what to fix for dinner tonight!


  1. I really like those. Great idea

  2. Very cute poster and economical too. I can see why your ward asks you to do all the decorating for their events, you're so talented and creative.

  3. You have mad skills! I wish I were so resourceful and creative, but my sister got those skills in my family. I always said that I got the writing gene instead, but you got both. No fair!