Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We are a Family!

Artwork done by my oldest granddaughter.

Titled: We are a Family!

The artwork is about 4 feet long and it is scotch taped to the wall above my husbands desk in our home office. Our granddaughter came over for a visit while Papa and I were busy working at our desks.

She got out her own supplies and drew the picture on the wood floor between our two office chairs.

As a grandma I couldn't have been more 
pleased with the subject matter! 

Nine adults and ten children who each know that they
belong to a family who loves them!

She wrote each family member's name above their picture.
You had better bet that all of the grands,
aunts, and uncles
are going to be looking for their names.

Even with the scotch tape
it is a priceless masterpiece 
to Papa and I.