Thursday, November 4, 2010

Grandma's Voice

If you are a grandma you know the feeling of a grandchild who recognizes your voice by a word or two on the phone or from the other room when you first arrive for a visit. The squeals of "Grandma, Grandma!" from nothing more than the sound of my voice is pure joy to me.

I often yearn to hear the voice of my own grandmother who passed away before I was born and of my other grandmother who passed away when I was a young girl. That was back in the day of silent 8mm home movies and old fashioned film developing!

Today's technology makes it possible to capture the voices of those we love. I am a memory making, tradition creating, and a very sentimental grandma. I give my grands new pajamas at Christmas as part of their Christmas gift because of the feeling it gives me to know that they are snuggled safely in their beds at night wearing the pajamas that they know I picked out especially for them. I think of it as a way to show my love for them when I can't be there.

When I learned of the Recordable Storybook collection from Hallmark I knew they were right up my alley as the memory making and tradition creating grandma I am. I also thought of the long distance grandma's who could use such a product to help develop and maintain a bond with their grandchildren where there are many miles and missed days between visits.

Grandpa's Voice Too!

In my own family my son in law was taken away for extended times on business and his three little boys missed him deeply. When time and energy allowed he called to visit with the boys in the evenings and he would occasionally have a Skype session where he would read them a bedtime story. The boys loved hearing their daddy's voice.

The Recordable Storybook Collection would be a great way to help ease the child's pain of missing a loved one for any number of reasons.  The books would be a great idea when grandma lives far away, when mom or dad are going to be away, or like me.....a grandma who lives near but loves knowing that my grands can hear my voice and feel my love for them whenever they choose to open the book.

The books are easy to use and the recording is protected even when the batteries need to be changed. The Recordable Storybooks feature voice-capture technology by recording the reader's voice directly into the book. When a page is turned, the book automatically plays the text on that page so even the youngest child can use the book all by themselves.

This would be a great gift for any occasion. Hallmark has a new holiday collection  that would be perfect for long distance grandma's and grandpa's or anyone who wants to share a precious holiday gift with a child they love.

Check out the Hallmark website or your local Hallmark Store to see the entire Recordable Storybook collection. They are currently offering a $10 off coupon on their website (for just 2 days) on the purchase of any Recordable Storybook so check it out today!

For me, I picture my grands wearing their pajamas that I gave them, snuggled safely in their beds, and now listening to a bedtime story in my voice. I love being a grandma, I love technology, and I love the Recordable Storybook Collection from Hallmark!


  1. I will definitely check them out, thank you! Amara gets to see and hear me all the time but I think she would love one. I know for my sister who is in Michigan and who has 4 grandkids in Virginia -- this would be perfect and I will certainly share the idea with her.


  2. I love the idea that you are conciously "creating memories" for your Grandchildren. Children(mine included) quite rightly have no concept of mortality and imagine that life will continue in the same way forever. My parents are in their 80's and we all hope they will be aound for many, many years to come but just in case I'm desperate for us all to create "memories" because Grandparents are so special and are so crucial to who we are.

  3. Grandma Kc I hope you were able to get the coupon for $10 off.

    Belinda, I wish you the best with creating some memories between the generations. My father is 90 and my mother in her late 80's. We have a tradition of creating a special holiday evening for them with just our family. It is part of our families Ho...Ho...Ho...liday schedule. (If you would like to know more about that you can search my blog with the words Ho...Ho...Holiday.) I share many holiday traditions there.

    My children love the tradition and so do my parents. We take dinner, some kind of activity to share with them, and a holiday treat for dessert. Some years we have decorated their tree for them or have taken them on a ride to see Christmas lights.

    If your children and parents live close maybe this could be an idea to create some memories.