Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Babes

My fold year old grandson was standing next to me as I was reaching for something high in the pantry. He says to me: "Grandma, you are really "HEALTHY".  I asked why do you think that? He points to my belly which is eye level for him and says; " You are really Big!" Then he followed it up with "My other grandma isn't healthy like you are!"

He is encouraged often to eat his healthy food so that he will grow up to be "BIG and strong"!

By the way, I'm really not all that "HEALTHY"!


  1. That is so precious. Our grandsons tell their pop he has a wal-mart belly, because every time he goes to wal-mart for food it keeps getting

  2. I've seen your pictures, and you are a lovely size! Grandkids are wonderful, but occasionally they can really deflate the ego!

  3. So funny! I'm going to start thinking of myself as "healthy" not "a whole lot bigger than I really wish I were"!