Saturday, November 6, 2010

Again, Again, Again

My Grandma Camp in May was a rockin' success with my grands. It was everything rock-n-roll including making a music video with eight of my grands as the rock stars. The theme of the camp was Grandkid's Rock!

My son who is a professional videographer came and filmed the performance live and then edited it for us. It is going to be a treasured family video for the grands and I forever!

I showed it to my four year old grandson on a recent visit. Every time the video ended he wanted to watch it again, again, and again.

He told me over and over how much fun the camp was and he asked no less than ten times if we could have another rock-n-roll camp some time. As the memory making grandma I am I was as happy as I could be to see his memory filled with such a happy and fun time that was being shared with me and the cousins!

At one point he couldn't stand it any longer and he needed a guitar so that he could rock-n-roll with the video. So, off to the invention box we went.

We worked together to create a guitar using our creative imaginations, cardboard, card stock, glue, markers, and a scrap of wood. He was now ready to rock-n-roll!

He headed back to the office computer to re-live the music video taping again, again, and again.

He rocked hard all afternoon.

And the icing on the cake..... when big brothers who are seven and nine came home from school they joined in too using their pretend air guitars while reliving what appears to be a very fond memory while at Grandma Camp.

Grandkid's Rock!

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  1. Fabulous! Being a Grandma really is the best job ever and you do it so well!