Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why Not, A Fall Corsage?

I must start out by saying that I am not a floral designer but I am a willing volunteer for all kinds of creative tasks.

We wanted to do something to show our appreciation to our music people who had worked for months to prepare the children's organization for a special program. We decided that we would present them with corsages that they could wear during the performance.

I volunteered for the task. I went to Michael's Craft Store for inspiration. I decided to go with the season and create fall colored corsages using silk flowers.

Here is what I purchased... and all at 60% off!

A multiple flower, multi color fall bush with greenery

Fall colored bead garland (wired)

Wired Ribbon to match

Matching scrapbook papers (for packaging)

Floral Tape

I already had:


Pearled corsage pins

I'm sure I did not have all of the floral supplies needed for a florist quality corsage but somehow it came together.

I cut the wired stems of the two flowers twice the length I wanted for the base of the corsage.

I then bent them in half and wired the stems of the flowers and a couple of leaves together.

I then covered all of the wires and stems with a thick layer of florist tape. (It is all hidden underneath, and it gives you a soft place to pin the corsage on.)

I then became a crafter and pulled out the glue gun.

I wired some pieces of raffia together and tucked them in here and there using hot glue for some fun fall texture.

I then added pieces of wired bead from the bead garland with hot glue to add some fall colored bling!

I finished it off by making a wired ribbon bow and attached it to the base of the corsage with wire.

Once the corsages were complete I packaged them
for a polished and festive presentation.

I tucked them inside a clear bag and created
a matching Thank-You tag using scrapbook paper.

Our music people loved their corsages and
they looked beautiful on 
their black and dark purple dress.

We see corsages on Mother's Day, Valentine's, Christmas, and Easter but, I don't know that I have ever seen corsages made for our Fall holidays. I'm thinking, why not? 

How about making one for great grandma for the family Thanksgiving Dinner gathering or for the widows that attend your church. I think they would be adorable with a printed ribbon or a pick that says something like "Blessed", "Be Grateful", or  "Giving Thanks".


  1. What a lovely idea. These are just beautiful!

  2. I love them, that is such a good original idea too.

  3. Fantastic idea! I'm thinking about one for me! Kids and grandkids, are you listening?