Monday, November 1, 2010


Yesterday at  church I was sitting behind one of my daughters and her family. My two year old grandson was having a hard time being quiet despite mommies endless efforts. I leaned forward and whispered into his ear and said; "You need to whisper for mommy." He then repeated the word in a whisper voice to me; "Whisper" and he nodded his head like it was a definite plan. For a split second I thought maybe I had  helped.

But then, nice and LOUD he shouts to his mommy: "NAMA SAYS WHISPER MOM!!!!!"


  1. I know it's wrong while in church but I still think it is the cutest thing when little ones do things like that. Its just makes my day at there innocence.

  2. Ha! What a hoot. I'm sure he elicited plenty of snickers and grins throughout the pews!

  3. Yes, there were quite a few chuckles indeed.