Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birthday Countdown

A really fun find at a great price has led to a new birthday tradition for my grandchildren this year. When I found these on clearance for just $1 each I knew that they would be a great addition to my birthday celebration resources!

There were three available and by doing some quick birthday calculating of my ten grands I knew that three would do the job. They are made of very heavy vinyl and what child wouldn't love the brightly colored birthday graphics?

I have already used them twice and they were a complete hit. The other grands can't wait to get their turn. The 11 year old birthday girl and the 3 year old birthday boy who are siblings both loved the festive countdown to their birthdays. 

The turntable mats start counting down a full month ahead of time. I deliver the birthday countdown mat to the birthday child a month before their birthday. They understand that the birthday mats belong to grandma and that they will each get their turn.

I personal each one before the delivery by putting their name on the birthday cake.

Kids love countdowns and something like this could be easily made using heavy card stock, scrapbook supplies, stickers, and by placing a brad in the center to create the turn table. I would look in the dollar store birthday/teachers supply sections for inexpensive inspiration! You could make it yourself and present it to the birthday child or you could even create it WITH your very special loved one!

We love the birthday streeeeeetch in our family.
This is a very simple way to add an entire month of 
celebrating for the little ones you love!


  1. This is a great idea--sort of like a birthday version of an advent calendar.

  2. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for such a goody!