Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Husband's Girlfriend!

My husband had a bid opening to attend in a nearby city. He invited me along and asked if I would like to extend the one day errand into a three day get away for some R & R. Before leaving we searched the internet for hotel deals but we had not made any hotel reservations before we left.

My husband always allows ample time to get to the bid openings. If you miss the deadline even by seconds it can make weeks of work all for nothing. On this trip we found exactly where we needed to be for the bid opening and then we went to a nearby McDonald's to take advantage of their free internet to do some more hotel searching. I had been pushing to do Priceline for an area in the foothills of Tucson, AZ. My husband had been dragging his feet on the idea due to a past experience with Priceline that he had found disappointing. I was confident that we would get a good deal at a great place because I had done my homework.  I chose an area where only resorts were available. I knew that the resorts all had good customer reviews and that they were high end places. ($300 plus per night) He finally went for it. We offered $100 a night and it was accepted. When the name of the unknown resort popped up we were very happy with our purchase.

Loews Ventana Canyon Resort
Tucson, Arizona

It was a very secluded property. The grounds were 
beautiful as was the view from our balcony.

The other side of our room opened up to 
acres and acres of undisturbed desert.

This was an interesting sign that was posted
 just beyond our room in the desert.

We both wondered if there had been some kind of incident.

The warning made this long and fairly dark 
walk to our room a tiny bit spooky. 
All that was between us and the nighttime 
desert critters was a short walkway rail.

Our king room was huge and beautifully decorated. 

The bathroom was my favorite.

I knew I would be heading to the store for some bubble bath so that I could enjoy some warm bubbly R & R while watching a favorite TV show.

The tub was at least 4 feet wide and very deep.
Awwwww, this last minute R &  R trip was a great idea!

We checked out every square inch of the resort during 
the three days that we were there. 

We could see and hear this water fall from our room. The resort had an easy walking path to the fall. Along the path we learned the names of all of the plant life and about all of those critters that we had been warned of. While the fall does not run all year long on its own the resort has put in a pump to keep the fall going year round. It fills the bridged streams and fish filled ponds throughout the resort.

Once we looked at the hotel restaurant menus we decided to eat elsewhere. They were way too pricey for our sensibilities! We also did not touch the $6 bottles of water or the $6 2 oz. boxes of cookies that were in our room. We checked out the local southwestern restaurants and we were not disappointed!

We only ate two meals a day. Since our time away was all about R & R.  We were late in getting out of bed and we took our time getting ready for the day. I have decided it is probably best that I don't have a TV in my bathroom at home!

Just before we left we checked out the golf course, the spa, the adults only relaxation pool, tennis courts, the really high end restaurant on the property (through the windows), basket ball courts, and the beautiful landscaping surrounding all of these facilities. 

During our stay my husband posted on Facebook where he was and that he was having a great time with his girlfriend! My daughter posted "that doesn't sound very good dad" and then my sister came to his defense by saying "he is just keeping the romance alive!" Our youngest daughter has always referred to us as one another's girlfriend and boyfriend. I love that this grandma has a boyfriend who thought of sharing this time with his girlfriend!


  1. Great way to keep the romance alive ... at a discount rate! Beautiful resort.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful, romantic interlude. I hope that lovely tub was big enough for two.

  3. Best way to stay young is to think young.I like the way your husband thinks!

  4. Man, I want to go there and get that same room! What was the room number? Or are a lot of the rooms near the desert like that? That is where my "boyfriend" always goes for his work conferences.