Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Classified!

I have been working on a top secret covert operation for nearly a year. I have leaked just enough information to get my nine little secret agents super excited about this years grandma camp. The calendar has been cleared with all of the agent's senior ranking advisers (parents). We have received clearance on the highly classified location and grandma can hardly wait!

It's time for the invitations to go out. 

Each child received their own Top Secret invitation.

Inside the Top Secret envelope  is a personalized invitation with
secret code words that must be deciphered and given at
the camps check in point to authorize
them to enter the Secret Agent Training Camp.

The invitation reads:
Top Secret sources have identified you
(child's name)
AGENT ####
Top Recruit
for the
Grandkid's Camp
Your mission if you choose to accept will 
begin on the 21st day of April @ 1600 Hours.
Report to the
Secret Agent Training Camp
Located at

(Secret codes below)

All recruits will be subject to an extensive
 background check and fingerprinting prior to training.

Deciphering Key Card

I used the "Wingdings" font for the code.

I folded and "spy geared" the key card up by 
adding some fun clip art cutouts.

I sealed the back of the top secret 
deciphering code card with another graphic cut out.
I glued it to the top edge and used a small
square of rolled low tack tape for a reusable seal.

If you would like to decipher the code
you can give it a shot!

But remember, shhhh......
This information is highly classified!


  1. Those are some very lucky kids! Sounds like they are going to have a blast!

  2. Grandma Shelley, you are outdoing yourself. I want to come to camp, but I know--it's for grandchildren only!