Friday, April 29, 2011

Top Secret Alias Activity

Grandma Camp 2011 

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Every secret agent needs an alias. This activity was an opportunity to play pretend on top of playing pretend! As with all of our activities it was announced as a special mission. The mission papers arrived each time in a sealed Top Secret cylinder. Once the missions were complete the mission papers were put in a file that read "Mission Accomplished".

This mission read: Report to the Top Secret File Room to create an "alias" for your undercover missions. The invites had told them to come to camp with an alias name chosen. They were all prepared. We started out this activity by filling out a top secret alias profile worksheet for their file.

It asked for: Agent's name, Agent number. Alias birthdate, age, marriage status, citizenship, other alias's they have had, what countries they have traveled to, what languages they speak, occupation, and where they lived. Once the worksheets were complete and added to their files it was time for the arts and crafts part of the project.

Name Plate: We used old magazines to find and cut out the letters in their alias names. We used pieces of vinyl fencing scraps for the name plate base. The alias names were glued to a band of red construction paper. See photo. 

Lay it all out before gluing anything.
Head must be even with the  bottom or a little higher.
This project is meant to sit on a desk.

The head cutouts are from Michael's.
They come in a multipack for a very fair price.

Supplies needed:
Some kind of base, head cutouts, facial stickers (if desired), 
colored pencils, construction paper, variety of yarns,
 glue stick, scissors, old magazines,

and some top secret imaginations!


  1. You give grandmothers a good name! I am amazed at all the thought and energy that went into the making of this year's Grandma Camp. What lucky lucky grandkids you have. I will keep checking in to see more.

  2. What a great activity! Is there anyone alive who hasn't dreamed of a new identity?