Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Top Secret Business

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Grandma Camp 2011 continued...

Once the nine grands had gone through the recruit check-in, the security scan, and the ID department they were ready to proceed to background checks, fingerprinting, and the business of making up a top secret file on themselves.

The background checks were given one on one with Papa as the interviewer. 

Top Secret
Background Check

Name:________________________ Agent Number________

Address:______________________ City________________

State_______________ Phone Number____________

Are you a Citizen of the United States of America? YES / NO

Hair Color:____________ Weight:_______   Height__________

Eye Color: _____________ Birthdate____________ Age______

Personal History

Education: _____________________________________

Have you ever traveled outside of the United States? YES / NO

Have you ever made a crank phone call?  YES / NO

Have you ever chewed gum in school? YES / NO

Have you ever robbed a piggy bank?  YES / NO

Have you ever lost a library book? YES / NO

Have you peddled over the speed limit? YES / NO

Have you ever cut in a line? YES / NO

Have you ever been an eye witness?  YES / NO

Do you have a passport? YES / NO

Are you brave? YES / NO

Once they completed the background check Papa stapled on a small print out that read "Cleared Background Check".  (stencil font/36pt. in red.))

The background check form with the stamp of approval was added to their clipboard when their interview was complete.

The Fingerprinting Lab

I had picked up the supplies for the fingerprinting lab for free at a home show of all places.
I was the fingerprinting technician and I began by asking them for their agent number and if they had ever been fingerprinted before.

I added the spy gear graphic to the booklet.

As you can see, I used anything I had in red, black and white
to add to the decor.
The booklets were fun for the kids to fill out and the kit had an ink-less fingerprinting system that only worked on the special paper within the booklet. That meant no extra fingerprints around the house!

The kit also came with a DNA swab which we took advantage of too. I swabbed the inside of each one's cheek and put it back into the sterile sleeve it came it.  I marked each one with their agent number in red sharpie and I told them that their DNA was going to be sent to a lab to make sure that their DNA cleared the system.

Once the fingerprinting and DNA testing was complete the children added their fingerprinting kits to their clipboards and moved on.

Top Secret Agent Files

Each child was given a file with their agent number on it at check in.

I had made printouts on white card stock to create a
top secret pocket to the outside of their file jacket.

I only supplied red and black colored pencils for the coloring project.

This was the sample file so they could see the nearly finished project.

Once the custom coloring was done we used black duck tape to cover the top edge of the pocket for durability and design of course! We then taped the outside pocket  to the bottom edge of the file jacket
using the black duck tape. I had glued my outside edges down with a glue stick. The agents decided they
wanted more black tape and they finished off the edges of the pocket with black electrical tape.
The edges could also be stapled.

Once everyone had had their background check, fingerprinting done, and their top secret file was complete they stored their clipboards and files in their agent baskets until we needed them again.

Tip: Personalized water bottles were also stored in their baskets so even the little ones knew where their water bottles were at all times.

To be continued...... Any ideas on what we made for dinner?


  1. This is so fun, I love reading about it. The questions were so funny, robbed a piggy bank? Are you brave? Great job Shelley!

  2. My goodness! You think of everything! I would guess at the dinner but I'm sure it's top secret ... and that I'd be wrong. I look forward to the reveal!

  3. SO -- did you have the song "Secret Agent Man" playing in the background for them? This is just awesome. They will never forget this.

  4. Like Laura, I loved the questions! Very humorous!

  5. It looks like it was quite an adventure. That's great doing a background investigation. I'll bet the kids loved it.