Monday, May 9, 2011

Eat, Sleep, This, and That.

Grandma Camp 2011
Continues... If you are interested in all grandma camp ideas hit "Top Secret" link on the side bar.

Grandma Camp is all about eating, sleeping, playing, and a bit of learning too. My goal through doing these things together is to build bonds and lasting memories between the generations and between the cousins.


When you have nine kids to feed it takes some planning. I always plan a gathering snack when the kids arrive to an activity. That way everyone can top off their tummies and be on the same eating schedule.

At grandma camp we start with a gathering snack of usually crackers and cheese or crackers and fruit.

Dinner in the past has always been foil dinners that the kids put together themselves and they bake while we set up camp. This year we made Top Secret pockets..... a pizza hot pocket of sorts but the goal was to put the fillings in and seal it up without anyone seeing to keep what was inside a secret.

We ate our meals outdoors to save on indoor clean up!

Dinner held us until we shared an evening snack. In years past we have roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. This year I kept it simple and we had ice cream sandwiches.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs, ham, juice, and silver dollar pancakes with dipping syrup. We had some hungry campers.

Between breakfast and lunch we had another snack.

Cantaloupe, Whales,

and lots of conversation between the cousins!
(love it)

Lunch was sack lunches that we took 
outdoors to eat as a picnic.
Sandwich, chips, drink box, and cookies.


Climbing into the tent with grandma and Papa and the cousins
is always a very exciting time for the kids.
I LOVE sharing in the excitement with them.

My youngest campers made their beds next to each other.
So cute!

Our morning was early with the campers 
being excited about getting on with the day.

We were wall to wall campers!

Good Morning Campers!


The older campers help the little campers when needed.

And That

This just might be my favorite picture from this year's camp.

Despite still being in my nightgown and my hair not done
for the day can you see how they are holding to my
every word?

I love my little campers!

One more thing...

Here you will see why some kind of camp tote is a must.
They were filled to the brim when it was time to go home.


  1. Great pictures! My favorite is the duo with the just-waked up faces and hairstyles!

  2. I just stumbled upon this as I was planning for my 5-yr old's secret agent birthday party. I just had to comment. You are the best. grandma. ever. One day, I hope I'm as cool and creative and as passionate a grandma as you!!