Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Top Secret Messages

Grandma Camp 2011 

The agents mission was to create code words in disappearing ink.

Supplies needed:
unbleached paper 
(I used cut up sheets of packing paper)
lemon juice
small dishes for lemon juice

Write out the word or message using a Q-tip dipped in lemon juice.

The kids each made a few of them.

Once they are done set them aside to dry completely.

The message or code word disappears as it dries.

To make the word reappear hold the paper over a candle flame.
The lemon juice darkens to reveal the secret message.

Adult supervision required.

We also did a scratch off secret message that I did not get pictures of.

To make a scratch off message you will need:

card stock
clear tape (I used packing tape)
liquid detergent
metallic acrylic paint

Cut the card stock into business card size pieces.
Draw a square in the middle of the card.
Write a word or message within the square.
Cover the square with a piece of clear tape.
Mix 2 parts liquid detergent and
one part metallic paint.
(I would suggest mixing the paint mixture up a few hours ahead of time to allow it to
thicken a bit for better coverage, stirring occasionally.)
Use a Q-tip and apply the mixture over the entire square.
Kind of glob the paint mixture on to cover.
Keep level and set aside to dry overnight.

Scratch off the painted area with a coin
to reveal the secret message.

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