Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mission: To Locate a "Wanted" Fugitive

Grandma Camp 2011 Continued: 
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One of the decorations that helped transform grandma's house 
into a Secret Agent Training Camp was a wanted poster.

I cut four fun pictures from magazines, I gave the pretend fugitives 
names, and placed them on a "Wanted" poster.

We had the G.Q. Man, Hula Hula, 
The Underwear Bandit, and the Cat's Meow.

The agents were told that they needed to memorize
 the faces and names of these individuals.

On day two of the camp it was time for the mission.
One of the fugitives was thought to be in the area.

Papa had secretly taken the picture of the G.Q. Man and placed it
on a block wall quite some distance from camp.

Each child had a turn to focus and scan the 
wall in search of the fugitive using a scope.

Once they found and recognized the fugitive they 
 whispered the name into Papa's ear.

Mission Accomplished!

Some of our top recruits continued to scope out the
nearby mountains, trees, and rooftops!

The kids only had one complaint about this activity.
They wanted to use the scopes to find the other
three wanted fugitives too.

Papa and I just might have to surprise them with a 
follow up activity one of these days!


  1. Just found your site....excited about it. I too am a grandmother and I'm always looking for ideas....I have grandchildren in 5 different states....so when we are together I like to do something extra special.
    Looking forward to reading through your blog.
    Happy Day
    P.s by the way I'm "Grammer Teresa"

  2. Welcome Grammer Teresa! I hope you can find some ideas here to share with your grandchildren. New posts daily so please come back often.