Monday, May 16, 2011

You Gotta' Love It!

I am lucky enough to attend church with my adult children and their families every Sunday. I am also lucky enough to have ten little grands who scramble to see who gets to ride home with my husband and I every week after church. We end up with all kinds of combinations in our three extra seats. Sometimes it is all siblings and other times it is a combination of cousins.

Papa and I field lots of questions from the backseat, we have played many different travel games, we sing songs, we have stopped to explain how underground irrigation works when they saw water bubbling out of an irrigation pipe, and we have taken short detours to check something out at the children's requests. I cherish the memories that we are making during our short Sunday afternoon drives.

Recently, we were telling a combination of cousins in the back seat about our upcoming cruise to Alaska. The all agreed that they would really like to go on a cruise. I said; "Wouldn't it be fun if we could all go on a cruise together someday?" ("We" meaning the moms and dads of the kids too!)

My grandson immediately piped up with a plan. He said: "Let's go on a cruise for our Back to School Party!" (The back to school party is an annual event just before school starts for our school age grandchildren with Papa and I. No parents allowed!)

All my husband and I could do is nervously laugh and say wouldn't that be fun!


  1. Did you feel just a bit overwhelmed for a moment? The 2 of you and how many grandchildren???? Oh my!!

  2. There will be seven back to schoolers this year!