Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Schools Out for Summer

When you have six school ages grands it really helps to have five of them in the same school when it comes to attending the science fairs, the Halloween parades, the school programs, and the end of the year awards ceremony.

My oldest grand moving on to 6th grade.
How can that be?
One of her awards was for being
What the heck?

My very bright science olympian moving on to the 5th grade.
His friends checking out his cool certificate.
Awesome #2!

This little cutie received an award for her reading.
On to the 3rd grade!
Way to go # 3

It was perfect attendance for #4.
Broken arm and all!
Second fastest runner in the 2nd grade.
He was also recognized this year for
stopping some bullying on the playground.
Our soon to be 2nd grader received an award that
fit her to a "T".
She was recognized for being
kind, caring, helpful, and compassionate.
That's my sweet girl!

With the changes in schools next year I will still only have grandchildren in two different elementary schools and two preschools. Works for me!

School is barely out for the summer and the grands are already anxious to know what my Back to School Party ideas are for the new school year. They have plenty of their own suggestions and they all include some kind of overnight extravaganza. I don't blame them because last year's back to school party was a blast with our overnight stay at the water park resort with Papa and I.

What is the very best thing about the back to school party? It is a loved tradition between Papa and I and our school age grandchildren. You know that makes me smile and that their excitement about the annual tradition is right up my memory making, cousin family bond building, and tradition creating alley. Still smiling!!!!!

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  1. I loved reading about last year's party, and I can't wait to see what you come up with this time. In the meantime, enjoy those smart, caring, helpful grandchildren!