Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Girl's Weekend

A few weeks ago my girls and I took a couple of days away to attend the girl's weekend at our family cabin in the pines. My sister and her daughter met us there. It was a time of laughter, visiting, and bonding as women and as family.

The freedom of no little ones to watch (the daddies were at home holding down the forts.) meant late nights, even later mornings, and crazy eating schedules.

When we are at the cabin with our families there are bins and bins of food hauled in, huge meals prepared, piles of dirty dishes, and bags and bags of trash made.

What a difference it was being just the girls!

We didn't do any dishes until it was time to go home.
This was the total sum of our dishwashing!

Oh, did I say there was no cooking done? We only hauled in a few boxes of cold cereal, a gallon of milk, and a few snacks. And, we only hauled out one very small bag of trash.

We talked, we laughed, and we cried together.  My sister who lost her husband to a heart attack almost two years ago has found love again. Her (who she couldn't get him off of her mind) guy was just a few miles away from our mountain cabin. "He" somehow made it into every conversation!

My niece who lost her little guy to brain cancer last summer is expecting another little boy soon. We all sat and brainstormed on decorating ideas for his nursery. My girls offered to help with some sewing and a few other projects to pull together a fun new nursery.

We headed into town to look at fabrics and to have 
the mommy-to-be choose a color scheme for the nursery. 

A crib Sheet, a rug, fabric blocks for a quilt, and fabric  
to trim a crib dust ruffle and to make a window treatment 
were purchased throughout the day.

It was decided that the walls will be painted a light blue.

The mommy-to-be only has brothers in her family.
These three girls are like sisters having grown up as neighbors too!
These three young moms were all 
excited about the nursery plans.

Following our 9:30 p.m. dinner out we teased about going to
tee-pee the boyfriend's house.

We instead decided to stop by his place
with a phone call first.
One of the first things out of his mouth
to my sister was:
"Are you girls planning to tee-pee my house tonight?"

The giggling, the meals, the support, the love, 
and the inner joy we experienced
by sharing one another's company
was a true gift.

A gift that has become a loved tradition
for the women of our family.

It's a keeper!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful tradition, supportive in so many ways.

  2. A gift indeed! You all are surely blessed to have one another.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful new tradition!

  4. A girls' weekend is such a great idea! Best of wishes to your niece and her impending arrival.