Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is Grandma Allowed to Be here?

I was sitting in church today when my daughter and her family came in and filled the pew behind my husband and I . My three year old grandson was sitting directly behind me on his mommy's lap. He hasn't learned to whisper yet despite all of his mommies quiet hushes. I along with everyone around us could hear every adorable word he spoke.

1. "Is Gwandma awwowed to be here?"

2. "I goin' to Gwandma's campin' out in turty-tix tousand days" "It goin' ta be fun!"

2. His mom asked him to fold his arms for the opening prayer. I could hear him snacking on something crunchy. "Mom, I wheel fowd (crunch, crunch) my alms ( crunch, crunch) as schoon (crunch, crunch) as I am (crunch, crunch) done whiff dis."

3. He had dropped a piece of his snack in the aisle. His mom whispered to him to go pick it up. He walked to the middle of the aisle and kicked it under the chair across the aisle. Pick it up his mom whispers again. "No, I dun't whan-new!"

He was being a real firecracker for his mommy. His daddy had to take him out soon after the kicking of the cereal incident. I can't help but to have loved every moment of it!

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  1. What a little firecracker indeed! I love the unconventional outlooks of little ones. Especially "is Grandma awowed to be here?" Too funny!