Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Operation: Return to Virtue

Well, it is that time of year again. A year ago I catered a huge Royal Gathering that was part of a week long church camp that my oldest daughter is the director of. Last year's camp theme was everything royal with the theme being Daughter of a King.

This year the theme is Operation: Return to Virtue. The entire week long camp is centered on a military theme. My daughter is currently in the active trenches as one of the Generals. She and her staff headed up yesterday to set up base camp. Today 160 Troops will be arriving to participate in the week long Operation: Return to Virtue.

I'm running my own little camp here with her three little boys while she is away serving with her troops. My daughter has worked long and hard for months to prepare for what is going to be a very memorable week in the lives of 160 teenage girls.

There will be dog tags issued, adorable silk screen shirts worn as the official uniform, and all kinds of fun drills and special missions to fill their week.

On one of the days there is going to be an activity of "Endurance Training".  The endurance training will include repelling, water balloon grenades, obstacle courses, relays, and even target practice. The girls will be blowing away the bulls eye of some of the non-virtuous things and behaviors of the world.

Upon completion of the endurance training there will be a celebration, refreshments, and small engraved metal tags that read "ENDURE ALL THINGS" will be awarded to each of the troops to add to their neck chains.

While I can't be at camp this year I pulled together and sent the linens for the refreshment tables and I shared my ideas for table decor for the awards ceremony. Last minute my daughter needed a poster for the refreshment tables.

I did one of my favorite things to help her out. I was able to pull together two posters with no need to run to the store and with no additional cost to the camp budget. Here is what I did.

I had saved the posters from last year's camp.
I was sure I could tweak them to go from 
Royal to Formal Military.

All I needed was some black and white
card stock, my computer printer,
a paper cutter, and a glue stick.

I even had the shiny gold emblems that
I added to the black strip. 

These perfect little bling, bling
 touches have been hangin' out
in my resources for years.

Re-use and Re-purpose
one of my favorite things!

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  1. Your daughter certainly has my respect. What she is doing for those girls really does sound inspiring.

    And your poster came out great!