Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where Wisdom Rules the Roost

A brand new website has been launched and I have been given the opportunity to be an official blogger for them from day one. My little niche there is right up my grandma blogging alley! That's right, another avenue for me to share my grandma ideas, resources, and traditions. Love it.

Grandmother Hen is designed to be a resource for grandparents, parents, and ultimately the children we love.

You will find my contribution to the site under Hen Headlines. My very first post was a fun and inexpensive craft idea for Grandparents Day.

There are discussion boards and a link to share your grands pics.

Grandmother Hen also offers the Grandkids Care Kit. It is designed to help you "be in the know" any time the grands are in your care. It is a private online resource to keep up to date information on the care of your grandchildren. The information is supplied by the parents on things such as daily schedules, diet restrictions, meal and snack ideas, medicine dosages, emergency information, and bedtime rituals. Best of all it is free and it is always just a mouse click away!

The site also has a link titled Hen Ten where you have a chance to vote on a wide variety of topics and see just how personal your choices measure up.

Grandmother Hen is designed to be a safe and secure online community where wisdom rules the roost. I would love to have you join me in the roost! While there, it would tickle my feathers pink if you left me a comment on my very first post titled "Remember When.... Puzzle Tin." Check it out today!

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