Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Personal Letter from Santa

Every Christmas Eve I have something special planned for my grandchildren who come to my home with their families for a special dinner and family activities. Last year I created a Candy Cane Cafe in one of my spare bedrooms. It was a full service restaurant with play food, money, Christmas dishes, and candy canes that was decked out with holiday decor and lights. The ten grands loved taking turns playing the different parts of running the cafe.

This year I had a special piece of mail waiting for them. It was a personalized letter from Santa. It was addressed to all of the cousins. Within the letter it mentioned each of them by name and Santa shared something personal about each child. As I read the letter to the children they were glued to every word. They loved hearing their names and the personal messages from Santa to each one of them.

The message that got the biggest "oooooh!" was when Santa said that he had noticed three of the boys (by name) on the nice list that day. Santa followed up by saying; "Good job boys!"

Each child took their turn to see their name printed in the letter. The kids really liked the surprise and as usual the adults loved seeing the magic of Christmas that this little surprise created for the little ones we love.


  1. Grandma Shelley also helped Amara to get a special Letter from Santa -- and she loved it! She loved it that Santa knew she had made Honor Roll and she loved that he wanted her to leave him some cookies -- but not where her dog could get them because Bogey likes cookies, too! This was absolutely one of the best gifts I have ever given her!

    PS Grandma Shelley -- I love your new look!

  2. The letter is so professional looking!