Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Day Riding the Rails Part 3

On our third leg of our journey we boarded the train and headed to the end of the line.

The train headed north down Central Avenue passing many of
the commercial buildings that the kid's great-grandfather had built
during his career.

We also passed their uncles high school
the main Phoenix Library and the Phoenix Art Museum.

We road the Light Rail train to the end of the line
in West Phoenix.

While most passengers got off we stayed put.

We had more to do!

The driver walked back and took the drivers seat
at our end of the train to head back.

The boys grabbed the seat right behind the driver.

On the way back we exited the train in
downtown Phoenix.
(Jefferson St. & 1st Avenue)

We treated the boys to some snacks of their choice
and we took a short rest.
There is a CVS and a Subway very close.

We then headed to a real jewel in the middle of all
of the downtown high rise buildings.

The Wells Fargo Museum is great for kids.
It has free admission and lots of hands on activities.

It was a real step back in time.

Stagecoaches used to carry 17 people.
The doll challenge showed just how tight the ride was.

Unlimited free rides.

The boys loved every minute of our time.
We were there for over an hour.

The museum has some gift shop items under a case
 but I loved that they were not a focus point of the museum.

I snuck over and picked out a couple of very affordable
items for the boys.

I presented my little gifts to them on the way home.

I really dislike places where you have to 
exit by going through the gift shop.

The boys spotted this high rise walk way between the buildings
while we were waiting to catch the light rail back to our car.

Oh how they would have loved to go check it out!

(There is also a Phoenix Police Museum nearby)
17 S. 2nd Avenue
We had found an old address online for the police museum but
we missed seeing it because it had moved.
 It has now moved to the address above.
We didn't know it then but it was very close to the
Wells Fargo Museum.

The boys didn't want our day on the rails to end.
They saw all kinds of interesting and new places 
and many, many different kinds of people.

Our day wouldn't have been complete without
stopping for a dinner of their choice on the way home.

Taco Bell it was!

The boys talked about our day all the way home.
Their parents reported that the boys couldn't stop
sharing all they did. 

Their parents appreciated that we returned the boys
completely worn out and ready to go to bed.

I highly recommend spending a day the rails
with the little ones you love!

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