Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Royal Gathering II

In July I had a special assignment to create a royal gathering for a summer camp of 200+ teenage girls. It was so much fun to re-create it on a much smaller scale recently for a group of girls ages eight to eleven and their mothers.

This idea could be used for any kind of royal theme party for both boys and girls. Royalty does of kings, princes, and knights too!

The theme of the event was Daughter of a Heavenly King. Having my ten year old granddaughter and my eleven year old grand niece helping me do the two hour set up was very helpful. I loved that they were learning the ins and outs of putting on an event by working along my side.

Using an outdoor pop up canopy I created a castle themed room for our serving tables.

The girl's eyes lit up as they walked into the room.

Each of the girls and their mothers signed the royal guest book 
that was at one end of the serving table.

Each honored guest made up a name of a Land 
in which they were visiting from and wrote it in the book.

Each of the tables had gold jeweled crowns for the girls to wear.
(They were card stock crowns from the dollar store that I had spray painted gold and I hot glued a large jewel on the front  just above a tag with the theme of the event. The jewels were from a bag of party favor rings. I just cut off the jewel.... they were bigger and far less expensive than anything I could find in the craft stores. And, they were just perfect!)

The crowns also served as the table centerpieces.

Lunch was chicken salad on a roll and dainty  
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Pasta salad, potato chips, fresh fruit, and...

Cupcakes with a pink crown pick!

The rest of the program was put on by the girls leaders.
It included making a charm bracelet that charms can be added to
as the girls reach the goals of their program.

On this day they and their mothers each received a "Crown" charm.

Knocking down my royal set up went far quicker than it went up. 
I had many little willing and able hands wanting to help.

The girls wanted to know if we could do it again
real soon!


  1. Absolutely cute. I have a friend who on the first Saturday after Easter has a tea party with us and their daughters. I don't have a daughter but I do have a granddaughter. We dress in vintage clothes and she has tea sets and cups that she has collected set on a tables. It is outdoors under their pavilion and she dresses it up with sheers and bows.It is the most elegant tea party and so inexpensive thing I have ever seen. All the little girls love it. Next time I will take pictures and post it.

  2. I would love to see pictures of the tea party. I have a post on my blog on a tea party I did for my granddaughter's birthday party. Search this blog for "The littlest catering job".

  3. I remember reading about the first time you staged this event. This one looks as though it was just as big a success, even if the numbers weren't as large. You're an amazing event planner!

  4. Looks like this event was a royal success! Kudos to the queen of event planning!

  5. Dale kids birthday entertainerOctober 29, 2010 at 10:45 AM

    Wow this looks very nice. Very royal.

  6. This looks and sounds amazing. I'll bet the girls loved being made to feel so special. You are so creative.