Monday, April 25, 2011

Decorating with a Top Secret Theme

Decorating with a Top Secret theme is fun and quite simple. Here are a few examples of what I did for a Top Secret Grandma Camp.

Our guests had received invitations that said that our sources had identified them as a top recruit for our top secret training camp. So, our welcome was to the top recruits.

Once inside, I decorated my entry as a check in point. Extra chairs were sat up as a waiting area for the guests waiting for their turn to check in.

I used red, black, white, and a touch of bright yellow as my party colors.

All of the top secret items I had created for later 
activities doubled as decorating items.

Before they could finish checking in they had to pass a security scan.

A flashlight hooked to a smoke alarm served as our scanner.
Papa could make it beep and have the agents step aside as he wished!

This was taped to the floor. 
The fun started the second they came in the door.

Once they were checked in and passed the security 
scan they were directed to the ID Lab. 

Don't forget to look for those perfect scrapbook papers!

The entry had copies of the original invites and 
a wanted poster that would be used for a later activity.

Once they all got through the check in point they proceeded to background checks, finger printing, DNA testing, and they were instructed to create a top secret file in the top secret file room.

The fingerprinting and DNA lab.

Each activity was an individual mission that was received in a top secret sealed tube.
Once the mission was complete the mission papers were put in the file marked Mission Complete.

Other decor included:

And, many more. I had several restricted area signs.
They worked great for the closets and rooms that I wanted
kept off limits to the kids.

Take home baskets with their secret agent numbers were supplied
 to store all of their finished projects during the camp.

Supplies used:

black construction paper
red construction paper
white  card stock
red and black poster board
glue stick
low tack tape
file jackets
Stencil font on computer
computer printer
magazine cut outs
free on line graphics
red and black plastic and fabric linens

Recycled re-purposed items such as:
oatmeal boxes
building spec tubes
cylinder shaped containers
section of vinyl rail fencing
tin cans

Tons of activity details to come.

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  1. You just put the rest of us mortal Grandmas to shame! Job well done! They will never forget this.