Monday, April 4, 2011

Secret Agent Treats

These fused goodies were delivered along with the invitations to this years secret agent grandma camp. Once Papa had completed his senior agent work I stepped out of the shadows and presented the families with the goodies and gave them the directions that they needed to follow.

Each goodie had a part of a secret message wrapped in foil inside. Each family member was instructed to eat their goodie, unwrap their piece of the puzzle and put the words together to make a riddle.

They were to solve the riddle and call me with the answer.

Here was the riddle:

What ancient invention is still used today by 
secret agents to be able to see through walls?

What do you think?


  1. I think it is a periscope! You are so much fun! I really wish my grandchildren lived close by! Do you have any neat ideas for a ward Mother's Day gift besides the usual flowers, plants and candy bars?

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  3. Nope, not a periscope! I will have to think on the Mother's Day Gift.

  4. A window??? Wonderful idea, I love how creative and fun you are.

  5. How about a glass window? Your ideas are super creative and inspiring. When my grandkids are old enough I'm going to try a few.