Friday, May 6, 2011

Top Secret ID Badges

Grandma Camp 2011 

I was thrilled to find these little gadgets on clearance back in February. Check out the past post that describes the "moment" and you will see just how crazy in love I am with my grandma camp finds!

My son, a professional web developer and graphic designer designed our personalized ID Badges for our Top Secret Grandma Camp. We had taken Papa's Fedora hat and a black t-shirt to a family gathering the week before. Each child took a turn putting on the hat and shirt and having their Secret Agent ID picture taken.

My son also designed our grandma camp logo for us. So cute! The kids were thrilled with their ID badges, the lanyards, and the retractable thingy really got me some extra brownie points with the kids.

If you are ever in need of web development, design work, or video services my son does excellent work. He does it all electronically so he can serve your needs regardless of where you live. He has a great portfolio of print, web development, and video services on his website. And, the best of all..... he is quick and fairly priced. Check out his website today!

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