Friday, May 6, 2011

Grandma Camp Spy Gear

Spy Gear box pictured bottom left corner.

Last September I was already watching for fun finds for my 2011 grandma camp when I came across clearance priced latching pencil boxes in a smokey gray color. I knew immediately what I was going to use them for. I picked up ten of them for waaaaay cheap. They were going to become Grandma Camp Spy Gear Boxes for our Top Secret Camp.

I  had already filled the boxes with spy gear and everyone was waaaaaay into this little camp give-away. We discussed each item in the box and how we could use it when doing secret agent work. They were all thinking like secret agents and they came up with some highly classified ideas.

A camera could be used to capture crime scenes, evidence, and to document sightings of the bad guy.

The kits had a sterile evidence container, gloves, tweezers, a pad of paper, a pen, a magnifying glass, a dusting brush, a large clip for safely picking up toxic items, chalk, a baggie, cotton swabs, a file, and a plastic cap.

We had to be ready for those bio-hazardous missions too you know!

Decking out the boxes:

Once our discussion was over we crafted to make a topper for the box.
(Pictured above)

White card stock was cut to cover the top of the box.
Red card stock was cut 1" smaller to leave a 1/2" band of white showing.
Top that with black card stock cut 1" smaller.

I printed out on white car stock:

and some small clip art keyboards.
(I love to add the bling!)
Center the wording and the clip art and glue in place using a glue stick.

I covered the entire topper in clear packing tape to make it more durable.
Hot glue the topper to the box.

For extra security I had printed padlock graphics (1" in size).
I covered both sides of the printed copy in clear packing tape to make it more durable.
The kids cut out the locks and I hot glued them to the latch. 

I  had other graphic print-outs that they could decorate their boxes with.

The agents added their agent number to the side of the box 
using black and silver number stickers.

To our Spy Gear boxes we added our secret agent badges that we had made.

Our passports.

The Top Secret ID badges are stored with the spy gear between missions.

The agents were also issued small flashlights on the 
stake out that they added to their spy gear boxes.

Playing pretend with my grandchildren is waaaaaay  fun!

If you are interested in this grandma camp theme keep scrolling through the posts. I have several different posts where I share my Top Secret ideas. It is taking me forever to get it all posted. I have no idea how we got so much packed into our time together.

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  1. You are quite an overachiever! I love all the theme-based activities you packed into this camp.